We are kyokan (共感). We value collaboration, user delight, and dedication to craft. We work best in embedded, long-term engagements with top-tier teams. We design and deliver outstanding outcomes with our business partners.


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Founding Engineers

Jacky Chan

Jacky is a full-stack software engineer and frontend expert. An early engineer at Symphony Communications, he built secure chat applications for Wall Street. As a Software Engineer at Uber, Jacky's work made an impact on the majority of Uber's drivers through the global (700+ city) onboarding funnel.

A founding engineer at Kyokan Labs, Jacky brings deep design expertise and product sense from his work with myriad products, companies, and teams. He ensures world-class code quality and development velocity across all of Kyokan's projects.


Daniel Tsui

In past lives, Dan was a poker player, digital nomad, and freelance software consultant.

Previously a Software Engineer @leportlabs, he built internal tools for modern, tech-enabled "smart" Montessori schools.

Before starting Kyokan, Dan was a Senior Software Engineer @BlacklightCMS. He built rapid domain provisioning and site-building tools for direct response marketers.


Matthew Slipper

Matthew got his start in engineering at Perzo, which was later acquired by Goldman Sachs to become Symphony. There, he led frontend engineering efforts to build end-to-end encrypted communication applications for Wall Street firms. After Symphony, Matthew joined Wealthfront, and later co-founded Spectrum Labs, Inc. after successfully closing a seed round to provide AI-based trust-and-safety tools.

Matthew joined Kyokan in 2017 to continue sharing his deep knowledge of software engineering and engineering management with the cryptocurrency space.


Alexander Tseung

Previously a Software Engineer @AviNetworks, he built UIs for autoscaling tools and load balancers used by Volkswagen, Staples, Verizon, and others.

Alex follows basketball and is skilled at fantasy sports.

Companies we've collaborated with


Software Engineer

FT FE: React/Vue/Ng, Redux/Cycle/FunctionalJS.

You should be able to show prudent and thoughtful aspirations as a software engineer. You must have experience implementing performant, pixel-perfect, maintainable, well-tested UIs, and you should be able to do so in about one-third the time that most competent people think possible. We work mostly in React, but will use a variety of technologies for new projects. Interest in Haskell and Solidity a plus.  Work whatever hours you choose, from anywhere.  Compensation is competitive and based on North American rates. 

I understand this job posting is sparse on details: please say 'hi' to operations (at) kyokan.io for more info on what we're about, what we're working on, and our interview process.

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